15.04.2023 | ARCDXC | DX-Adventure | United Nations Club active via QO-100

In order not to have weight restrictions, we decided to travel by car. On Wednesday evening (May 17) we will arrive at the UN VIC | United Nations Vienna International Center.

After a good night’s sleep, our first task on Thursday will be to place the satellite dish, which will have a fixed location on one of the United Nations buildings (75 mtr height). The coaxial cables will also have to find their permanent way to the 4U1A radio shack. Then we can further build up the QO-100 station and make the first contacts from the UN VIC | United Nations Vienna International Center under the callsign 4U100QO.

The goal of DX-Adventure from day one was to be able to donate a QO-100 station to ARCDXC | United Nations International Amateur Radio Club. And we are going to accomplish this with thanks to: Nolle Engineering | E.R.S. Telecom | Passion Radio | DX Patrol | ON5UR QSL Printing

05.02.2023 | Nolle Engineering

Pretty soon, Patric DC8PAT of Nolle Engineering let us know that he wanted to participate in the new DX-Adventure | United Nations project.

04.01.2023 | 4U100QO United Nations 2023

Andrei Fedorow RW3AH, founder of ARCDXC “United Nations Internetnational Amateur Radio Club” made an official application for obtaining a license for the special callsign 4U100QO.

Less than twenty-four hours later, there was good news from United Nations Headquarters – New York. James Sante K2QI – President of “4U1UN – United Nations Amateur Radio Club” delivered us the authorization to use the special callsign 4U100QO.

The start for making concrete plans.

15.12.2022 | United Nations Amateur Radio Club

Max ON5UR and Andrei Fedorow (Sparky) RW3AH, have known each other for many years. Since the establishment of ARCDXC “United Nations Internetnational Amateur Radio Club” Sparky regularly uses the services of ON5UR QSL Print Service for printing new club QSL cards.

During these contacts we often talked about the club station and that we would visit each other sometime. More concrete plans were made and we would visit the 4U1A United Nations club station in 2023 and also use it to make the first QO-100 from the UN VIC “United Nations – Vienna International Center.